About Us

Welcome to Adult Dyslexia Support

Adult Dyslexia Support was founded in 2011 and offers screening and strategies for adults who believe they may be at risk of dyslexic traits. We particularly specialise in assisting those who may find it difficult to afford formal assessment.

Adult Dyslexia Support aims are:

  1. To spread awareness of the positive contribution dyslexia and other neurodiversity profiles in the workplace and in society as a whole.
  2. Challenging misconceptions of dyslexia in society by providing assistance and learning in what dyslexia is.
  3. To assist in reducing economic barriers to screening and coaching
  4. Creating guides to empower dyslexic people in using technology and other effective, affordable strategies.

Adult Dyslexia Support is part of a wide network of related organisations in the West Midlands and nationally.




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